Lesson II: Astra Schedule Security

We know that you and your colleagues wear a lot of hats at your institution. So, we allow you to customize users and assign roles. Have a scheduler that needs access to multiple permissions? Done. Need a student worker to view rooms, but not make changes? Not a problem! In this module, you will learn how to maximize your security, create users, and assign roles.


Security in Astra Schedule is setup by assigning roles to users granting access to specific pieces of the application. Roles are highly customizable, allowing users to schedule specific rooms, edit certain sections, and so on.

Default Roles

Role Functionality & Room Permissions

Academic Permissions

Event, Resource, Calendar, People, & Report Permissions

Administrative Permissions

You can create new roles from scratch by clicking Add a Role on the Role List page, or you can clone a role by clicking Copy in the top right corner of a Role page.

Users and Authentication 

Now that we know how to create roles, let’s talk about adding users and assigning roles. For our LDAP clients and Single Sign-On clients who have enabled auto-provisioning of users, users will be automatically created in the system when someone from your institution logs in for the first time. They will be given the default role for your authentication. However, users can also be created locally in the system.

Users and Authentication

As a recap, we covered creating roles and users in this module, and we discussed authentication options. As a reminder, the Support Center can be accessed by clicking the question mark in the top right corner of your Astra Schedule site, and more information on these topics can be found there.

Next topic: Rooms!



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