Lesson I: Astra Schedule Navigation

There are numerous features to love about Astra Schedule, but before we can use them, we have to know how to explore the site using our navigation. This tool is a cloud-based software - which means if you have internet connection and your credentials, you can do what you need to do in Astra Schedule, no matter where you are! For administrators of Astra Schedule, the first step is to “sign-in” so that you are recognized as an individual who has admin-level rights.

Your sign-in experience depends on the authentication method that is configured. If the authentication method is single sign-on and you have not logged into another of your institution’s online tools, then you will be first presented with a familiar page – your institution’s authentication page. You will use the same credentials as your normally do. If your authentication method to Astra Schedule is LDAP, then you will be presented with a sign-in prompt within Astra Schedule, but you will use the same username and password you would use to sign-in to your computer or email address.


Navigation Bar


List Pages


Filter Panels


Default Filters

Users can also save their own default or “prebuilt” filters. To save a filter as your default view, apply your desired filters to the list page and click search at the top of the filter panel. Then, select the floppy disc or Save Filter button (located beneath the Search button).

Type the title of your filter and select the Default flag if you would like it to be your default view and click Save. If you do not want it to be your Default filter but would like it to be a pre-built filter option in the top left drop-down of the filter panel, leave the Default flag unselected and Save.

Now that you’re more familiar with navigating Astra Schedule, you’re ready to start diving into what it has to offer. Users can only take advantage of what they’re allowed to see, which leads us into the next lesson: Users, Roles, and Authentication!

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